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When to Consider Refrigerator Repair Over Replacement September 20, 2017

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When to Consider Refrigerator Repair Over Replacement, Elyria, Ohio

Refrigerators play an important role in any kitchen. When they start to malfunction, you’ll need to hire an experienced appliance repair technician right away to ensure food doesn’t spoil. When locals throughout Elyria, OH, and its surrounding areas need appliance service, they depend on Expert Appliance Solutions. As trained professionals, they often help customers determine whether refrigerator repair or replacement is in order.

Refrigerator Repair vs. Replacement: 3 Factors to Consider


Refrigerator RepairAs a general rule of thumb, your refrigerator should be replaced if it’ll cost more to repair than it’s actually worth. Anytime you can buy a new unit for the same price as fixing an old unit one, go with the new. One of the primary factors that help determine the extent and, in turn, the price of repairs is the age of the appliance. Most refrigerators more than seven years old are at risk of being more expensive to fix than replace. 

Type of Refrigerator

Certain refrigerators are worth repairing based on their value and overall longevity. Custom built-in refrigerators, for example, should be fixed when possible. Refrigerator repairs should be performed on side-by-side units as well every five years or so. 

Underlying Issue

Beyond age and the model currently installed, your refrigerator repair company will prioritize discovering what the underlying issue is. If your appliance is making loud noises, overheating, or leaking dramatically, they may not be able to salvage your unit. That being said, an experienced repair team will have the tools and know-how to save your refrigerator from most issues.

When you need refrigerator repair help in the Greater Elyria, OH, area, Expert Appliance Solutions is your one-stop shop for fast, efficient work. Call them today at (844) 423-9737 to schedule an appliance service appointment. For more information on how they will help extend the life span of your household machinery with appliance repair, check out their website.

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