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4 Qualities to Look for in Catering Services September 13, 2017

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4 Qualities to Look for in Catering Services, Hebron, Kentucky

When you're hosting a major event, food can make the difference between a success and a flop. A skilled catering service is a necessity for weddings, parties, and corporate get-togethers. But how do you know which local catering service to choose? By looking at four major factors, you can select a company that will get the job done smoothly.

Top 4 Qualities Your Catering Service Should Have

1. Food

Many catering companies have particular specialties or set menus they offer for a range of events. Call your catering company to see what they offer and ask about tastings. A good catering service should provide samples of their delicious, high-quality food.

2. Responsiveness

To ensure you get exactly what you want, your caterer should respond quickly to calls and emails. They should be interested in your requests, open to critique, and able to provide menu adjustments to accommodate your needs.

3. Policies

Catering ServicesCheck out your caterer's contract. Look for a clear outline of the services they provide, including whether or not they'll handle transportation, setup, and takedown. Also, review their cancellation policy and make sure they provide refunds and help finding alternatives in case they have to back out.

4. Experience

The best way to ensure a caterer will handle your event well is to check if they've done events like yours in the past. Are they familiar with the type of venue where you’ll be hosting your party or get-together? Are their food options appropriate for the occasion? Ask about similar events for an example of the results you can expect.

By finding the right caterer, you can ensure your event will be a success for everyone involved. Ask the right questions before you make your selection, and keep your eyes open for the qualities of a great catering service.


Based in Hebron, KY, Lother's Catering provides quality catering services throughout the Greater Cincinnati area and northern Kentucky. They offer a broad range of meal options, from sandwich buffets and boxed lunches to picturesque food bars and novelty foods. To schedule catering for your event, give them a call today at (859) 468-0176. For more information on their services, visit their website.

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