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3 Common Problems That Require Heat Pump Repair September 8, 2017

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3 Common Problems That Require Heat Pump Repair, Hackett, Arkansas

If your heat pump isn’t doing its job, there are a few key causes that signify trouble. When thermostats aren’t functioning properly, for instance, you might notice irregular heating or cooling throughout the home. Heat pump repair is an effective way to get things back in working order. Below, Hackett, AR’s Greenwood AC & Appliance weighs in on common heat pump problems.

Improper Heating or Cooling

Most commonly caused by your thermostat, improper heating and cooling will make your entire home feel uncomfortable. With the help of heat pump repair, however, it’s a simple fix. A professional technician will reset your thermostat, usually increasing the temperature by five degrees or so. A technician will also evaluate other potential causes, ensuring that your room-heating registers are open and that the filter and coils are clean. With professional repair, you’ll feel normal heating and cooling again in no time. 

Breaker Freeze-Ups

It’s common for your heat pump to freeze in cold weather, which is why there’s a built-in defrost cycle to melt ice as it comes. The condenser is what monitors defrosting, so if this component is frozen itself, your defrost cycle can’t kick in. Since Arkansas doesn’t experience many issues with ice, even a minor winter temperature change could cause the condenser to come to a halt.

A Malfunctioning Blower

heat pump repairAnother issue commonly caused by your thermostat, your heat pump’s blower can start malfunctioning if this one simple gadget is out-of-order. Check your thermostat to see which setting it’s on. If it’s been turned on, you might have reached the source of the problem. Switch it to off, and see if you notice any difference. If not, this means that your limit switch needs an adjustment, so heat pump repair is necessary. 

If you’re experiencing issues, get your system up and running again with heat pump repair. The reliable professionals at Greenwood AC & Appliance will tackle the problem quickly and efficiently, so you’ll be comfortable again in no time. The experts can tackle all of your appliance service needs, from AC installation to refrigerator repair, and their sales inventory offers something for everyone. Visit the website for more information, or call (479) 638-7006 to schedule your service appointment today.

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