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5 Important Signs Your Car Needs Brake Repairs September 13, 2017

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5 Important Signs Your Car Needs Brake Repairs, Statesboro, Georgia

From rearview cameras to collision prevention assists, many modern cars are built with state-of-the-art technology to ensure a safe ride. But, regardless of your vehicle’s make or age, one of the most important safety features is the brakes.

Southside Service Center in Statesboro, GA, provides comprehensive automotive service, including brake repairs. According to these certified mechanics, prompt brake repairs are essential for preventing accidents or costly damage. Here are five signs of brake trouble to watch out for:

1. High-Pitched Squealing 

Brakes are designed to sound a warning as they begin to wear out. If you hear a high-pitched screech when braking, you probably need to replace the brake pads. Any squeaking, grinding, or another unusual noise should also be checked right away. 

2. Sticky Brakes 

A brake pedal in good condition swiftly responds when pressure is applied. However, if the pedal sinks in or sticks when you step on it, it may indicate a fluid leak. Inadequate brake fluid reduces the responsiveness, which causes fading. Have an auto repair professional inspect the hose for leaks. 

3. Difficulty Braking 

brake-repair-statesboro-gaTake the car to a mechanic immediately if you have to stomp on the brakes to get them to respond. It’s likely a result of damaged pads. However, it could also be a more severe issue, like leaking fluid. Take the car to a brake repair specialist as soon as possible. 

4. Strange Vibrations 

If you feel a thumping sensation or vibrations when you decelerate, it’s time to schedule brake repairs as soon as possible. Most likely, the issue is caused by warped rotors. If unrepaired, the brakes will eventually begin to lose power, which could spell danger on the road. 

5. Pulling to the Side 

When you brake, does the car pull to the left or right? Many things can cause this problem, but it usually means the brake linings have worn unevenly. Schedule a brake service as soon as you notice this issue. 

If your car is exhibiting any of these symptoms, bring it to Southside Service Center today. Their certified mechanics will provide quality work at a competitive price. In addition to brake service, this local auto repair shop also provides car tuneups, oil changes, and new tires. Call (912) 871-7860 or visit their website for more details. 

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