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5 Signs It’s Time to Schedule Roof Repair September 18, 2017

Lorain, Lorain
5 Signs It’s Time to Schedule Roof Repair , Lorain, Ohio

As roofs begin to reach the end of their working lifespan, they tend to exhibit a few telltale signs that it’s time for roof repair. While you don’t need to inspect your roof constantly to make sure it’s still doing its job, it’s a good idea for all homeowners to familiarize themselves with the warning signs of a failing roof.  

Here are five simple things to look for that could indicate a need for roof replacement or repairs:

  • Loose or Missing Shingles: If it appears any shingles are sticking up at odd angles or missing completely, it’s time to contact a roofing contractor. These are clear indications your roof is in need of repair or replacement.
  • Light Shining In: You should never be able to spot sunlight peeking through your attic. No matter how small a hole is, it can still allow water, debris, or even wildlife to make its way into your home, so you should call for roof repair promptly.
  • Peeling Exterior Paint: Flaking or peeling exterior paint can occur as a result of roof-related problems. Compromised gutter systems and damaged roofs are just two possible culprits, so unless your paint has reached the end of its lifespan, consider contacting a roofing expert to diagnose the issue.  
  • roof repairShingle Granules: As shingles age, their coats begin to shed. As a result, you may start to find granules in your gutters or pooled in puddles around your home’s perimeter. When shingles start losing their protective coatings, they become more prone to further damage such as cracking. Thus, it’s important to schedule roofing services at the first sight of shed granules.
  • Mold or Moisture: Lastly, water stains in your home’s interior could be an indication of leaks from a damaged roof. Don’t wait to have the problem addressed, as prolonged moisture can lead to serious hazards including mold and mildew.


If you’ve noticed any of the conditions described above, Dan Williams Roofing is the source you can turn to for expert roof repairs and replacements. This team of residential and commercial roofing professionals has served the community of Lorain, OH, since 2000 and tackles each roofing project with expertise and quality-driven services. To schedule a complimentary estimate for your home or business, call (440) 282-6006. You can also learn more about the talented roofers by visiting their website or liking them on Facebook.

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