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Why You Should Develop Management Skills With Your Existing Employees September 8, 2017

Dix Hills, Huntington
Why You Should Develop Management Skills With Your Existing Employees, Huntington, New York

As a business owner, you know your employees are your greatest asset. The hiring process is time-consuming, but it is worth the effort when you put together a great team. However, for some reason, many entrepreneurs try to find people outside their existing pool of employees to fill managerial positions. Instead, consider tapping into an existing resource by cultivating management skills among your current employees.

Do you know why most business owners have difficulty finding quality management material outside the company? Not only do you have to teach a new manager about your business, but you're also required to "de-program" habits and mindsets they've acquired from previous employers. However, when you choose to promote from within, you're able to focus on teaching your employee a new skillset instead of retraining them. You have already invested in educating employees about your company’s culture and values—why not use the resource that's already available to you?

When you identify an employee with management potential, start by adding extra responsibilities. Teach them the correct way to complete the tasks they’ll eventually be expected to handle as a leader over time. By doing this, you'll spend quality time imparting management skills that strengthen your company's goals and increase your employee’s confidence. 

Management SkillsSome managers may feel that moving an employee into a managerial role could temporarily interrupt a stable work flow or cause tension among other team members. However, grooming existing employees for management places the new supervisor in a unique position to assist with hands-on training for new hires. One of the most important management skills a supervisor can have is understanding the employee’s job duties; outside hires won’t have the same perspective.

An added benefit of promoting from within is increasing employee retention. A resounding complaint among many workers is that there are little-to-no opportunities for advancement within their current jobs. As a business owner, part of an effective leadership mentality is creating an environment for employee development and growth within the company.

An employee's skills are often apparent, but it takes the training and expertise of a talented manager to fine tune them. Crestcom KEY Alliance in Long Island, NY, works with entrepreneurs to expand and improve their abilities to create a foundation of effective leadership in their companies. They provide useable management training to increase employee retention and satisfaction. For more information about developing employees’ management skills, give them a call today at (631) 704-7300 or visit them online.


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