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What Is Epoxy & How Is It Used? September 6, 2017

South Salt Creek, Lincoln
What Is Epoxy & How Is It Used? , Lincoln, Nebraska

Epoxy is one of the most versatile and widely used materials in construction, home improvement, and concrete work. You may have heard of epoxy or seen it in your local hardware store, but what is it and what is it used for? The professionals at Stephens & Smith Construction in Lincoln, NE, use the material for various projects and are here to explain. 

What Is Epoxy? 

Epoxy is a type of thermosetting resin derived by polymerization from epoxides. It is capable of forming tight cross-polymer structures, which makes it durable and an excellent adhesive. The definition of epoxy can vary based on its application and the industry in which it’s used. 

What Are Its Uses? 

epoxyEpoxy-based materials are employed in numerous applications, including floor coatings, adhesives, and composite materials. Epoxy is also used as the resin that holds the fibers in place in fiber-reinforced polymers or plastics. It’s compatible with all reinforcing fibers, including aramid, basalt, fiberglass, and carbon fiber.

Epoxy resin, one of the most common applications, is used as a binder in countertops and floor coatings. Epoxy flooring is a favorite among homeowners and home improvement professionals because it’s durable, versatile, and waterproof. It’s also self-leveling, which makes it easy to apply. It was previously used on concrete garage floors only, but today, more homeowners are choosing epoxy coatings for their interior as well. It comes in a broad range of styles, colors, and patterns and is easy to clean and maintain. 

If you’re planning a construction, hardscaping, or home improvement project, contact the professionals at Stephens & Smith Construction to learn how you can reap the benefits of epoxy. Since 1971, they’ve been known as a top concrete specialist in the Lincoln area. Call (402) 475-8087 to speak with a friendly team member, or visit their website to see examples of past work. 

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