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Using Networking Events & Marketing Tools to Expand Customer Bases September 12, 2017

Conley Hills, East Point
Using Networking Events & Marketing Tools to Expand Customer Bases, East Point, Georgia

Are you a regional or small business owner? If so, attracting and retaining customers is pivotal to your success. Through networking events and other entrepreneurial opportunities, you can organically grow your company. Soon enough, word of mouth will carry you to new heights. The South Fulton Chamber of Commerce is committed to nurturing local ventures throughout Atlanta, GA. Below, they share some of their knowledge for how you can expand your customer base. 

How to Attract More Customers Through Networking Events & Other Marketing Tools

Understand Your Customer

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Do you have a clear idea of who your customer is? By considering what motivates people to use your services or purchase your products, you can tailor your marketing campaigns toward drawing them back in. Demographic information like age, geography, and general needs will help you achieve this. 

Brand Identification

When people see your company logo, does it bring to mind personalized customer service, a convenient location, and a positive experience? Don’t rush to secure a logo. Instead, craft one you love that will stand the test of time. While Starbucks’™ and Nike’s® have been updated over the years, they have always retained their core image. Committing to one idea will make your business more identifiable with customers. 

Expand Your Network

Once you’ve established your company, build it through positive networking opportunities. Attend local events and share your business cards and first-time customer incentives. Take time to evaluate all of your contacts. How would they benefit from the service you are offering? Also, consider your neighbors. Can you pair with another small or local business to combine incentives?

Now that you’re on your way to securing new business, be sure to stop by your local Chamber of Commerce. Through networking events with other local establishments, you will not only achieve business development but add to the prosperity of the local economy as well. The staff at the South Fulton Chamber of Commerce is on hand to answer all of your entrepreneurial questions. Give them a call at (770) 782-2057 or check out their website for upcoming opportunities.

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