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Has Team Building Become Cliche? September 1, 2017

Maryland Heights, Maryland Heights
Has Team Building Become Cliche?, Maryland Heights, Missouri


The phrase “Team Building” has almost become cliche. Employees everywhere roll their eyes when companies say they are scheduling a “Team Building” event. So, companies are coming up with new names such as: “Team bonding”,  “Marketing Social”, and my favorite, “Genesis of Norming Stage”.  Offices everywhere have framed posters with inspirational sayings meant to create teamwork in our workplace. Why? What is the secret fortune 500 companies have found? Companies have found the key to their success is to pool the talents of all of their employees. Teamwork is what keeps all the parts of their business running smoothly.


Discovering Talents

During one of our paint parties, your employees will let their guard down which will help you discover things about them they may not ever let you see during a normal day’s work. Supervisors are more likely to discover weaknesses of some with the strengths of others. This will help in the office so they can utilize their individual talents to make the entire team and company better. If one person excels at making conference calls, while another is great at typing up documents, then each can support each other with the talent that would be lacking if each were forced to work solo. Likewise, one worker is bound to have an off day where enthusiasm is lagging, so another member of the team can help encourage that worker to do a better job. The motivation team members can give each other creates greater camaraderie, leading to greater fulfillment within relationships at work.

Creating Solutions

As the old saying goes, two heads are better than one. And with a team, even more so. Solutions to problems and fresh ideas are generated by the brainstorming that teamwork fosters. Artherapy Studios encourages creativity and for your team members to create their own masterpiece. Getting those creative juices going to make each member of the team stronger. Teams allow skills, knowledge, opinions and experiences to be pooled together for the benefit of the business as a whole. This leads to better productivity for every member of the team, and every task completed by each worker leads to one noticeable outcome that the whole team and company can take proud in.

Mentoring and Growth

Teamwork allows individual workers to see how other workers do their jobs, and can be a source of education and inspiration. Less experienced workers can learn and grow from their interactions with senior-level team members. Opportunities to learn from each others' strengths can also lead to a healthy sense of competition that motivates the team to produce greater quality or quantity of product or service.

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