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3 Reasons to Schedule Window Cleaning in the Fall September 14, 2017

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3 Reasons to Schedule Window Cleaning in the Fall, Waldoboro, Maine

While some homeowners choose to tackle window cleaning on their own, hiring a professional service a few times a year will benefit both your bank account and your property. As the temperature starts to drop and the leaves change color, fall is the perfect time to get it done. Superior Cleaning in Waldoboro, ME, provides year-round services, and they encourage clients to take care of window cleaning before winter hits in full force.

3 Reasons Fall Is the Best Time for Window Cleaning

1. Save on Energy Bills

When it starts to get cold, your heater will have a big job to do. It’s responsible for keeping your interior warm and comfortable, but your windows can either help or hurt its efforts. Windows let cold air leach into the home while heated air exits. At the same time, however,  they let in sunlight that helps heat the interior and takes strain away from the HVAC system. But when windows are dirty, sunlight is blocked. You’ll have to run your heater at a higher temperature and spend more money on energy bills.

2. Glass Degradation

window cleaningFalling leaves swirling in the wind can be beautiful, but they’re not doing your windows any favors. As wind sends leaves, tree sap, sticks, and other debris toward your house, your windows are at a greater risk of degradation. Debris constantly hitting your windows and small airborne particulates attaching themselves to the glass will lead to etching. If the windows go too long between cleanings, they’ll become weak and scratched.

3. Appearance

One of the most exciting things about fall is it is a beautiful season to spend time with family and friends. If you’re planning on inviting the entire family over, you want your property to look its best. Dirty windows can be seen whether you’re parking your car in the driveway or sitting inside on the couch. You don’t think twice about carpet cleaning before guests arrive, so why would you neglect window cleaning?

With professional window cleaning, you’re guaranteed to be left with streak-free, perfect windows. Learn more about professional services by visiting Superior Cleaning online. You can also ask about window cleaning and tile and grout cleaning by calling (207) 522-1419.

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