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Browsing Homes for Sale? 3 Traits You Should Look for During House Tours September 21, 2017

Torrington, Litchfield
Browsing Homes for Sale? 3 Traits You Should Look for During House Tours, Torrington, Connecticut

Are you in the market for a new home? Choosing between various homes for sale isn’t always easy, especially if you have pets, kids, and a spouse with his or her own opinion. Don’t hesitate to attend open houses and request viewings from a REALTOR®, as they are an invaluable tool to educate yourself. The agents at Borla and Associates, LLC Real Estate, tell clients to stay a little longer when they find a home they like, and see if they can bond with it. Imagine the placement of your furniture and possessions. Do they fit it and complement the style of building, or will they need to be replaced? Go stand outside and get a feel for the neighborhood. Take a walk around the block and visit the location in the evening to see the level and flavor of activity taking place, to decide whether or not it fits with the lifestyle and personality of your family. 

A Great Neighborhood

homes for saleOne of the most important things to consider as you peruse different homes for sale is the type of community you prefer, since it can affect the happiness of your family. Ask yourself what you like. Are you very social and like a neighborhood with hustle and bustle? Are you happy just to wave to your neighbors? Maybe you prefer not to see or talk to anyone, ever. Does it make you uneasy to abut a forest, or is it an opportunity to connect with nature and have privacy? And then the BIG question—can you afford the style of neighborhood you prefer and in what areas are you willing to compromise? Some towns have very high property values, which means you will get less house for your money and this is where you may have to compromise—getting less of what you want in exchange for location. Other cities have higher tax rates and lower property values. Here, one can acquire larger properties on more land. Even with the higher mill rate, you’ll maximize what you get for the money. Your principal, interest, taxes and insurance bill will be less than or equal to your payment in a more prestigious town, and you’ll receive the same municipal services.

Evidence of a Well-Kept Property

As you walk through the home, pay close attention to how well it has been maintained. Don’t be fooled by cosmetic issues, such as wallpaper, interior paint, or carpeting. These items are a matter of taste, and you will make the house your home, in the end. Look instead at windows—are they well maintained antiques, or energy efficient replacements of good quality? Both these situations will serve you well and save you money. If the windows need to be replaced, that is a hefty expense. Note whether the house needs an exterior update such as repair of siding or painting. This is another big expense. The roof is a concern for many purchasers. If you don’t have the funds to pay for proper maintenance of the home in its current state, move on to one that won’t break the bank. Old heating systems are fine, if they have been maintained and are running properly. If the property has been maintained over the years, it will reduce your future costs. 


When you are ready to start looking at homes for sale, contact Borla And Associates, LLC Real Estate in Torrington, CT. With over 46 years of experience and an innate understanding of the market, specializing in Litchfield and Hartford Counties, but are happy to service their clients throughout the state. These real estate agents can help to pair you with the perfect property. To explore current listings or to learn more about their business, visit their website or call (860) 482­-0353.

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