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A Brief Introduction to How Water Wells Work September 13, 2017

Prosperity Church Road, Charlotte
A Brief Introduction to How Water Wells Work , 1, Charlotte, North Carolina

Have you ever wondered how that well on a friend or family member’s property operates? Water wells source groundwater to provide homes and commercial buildings with the vital liquid through pipes or casing connected to aquifers. How deep these structures go depend on factors such as groundwater depth and quality, as well as what type of soil is present at the site. Wells must always be a certain distance from buildings, utilities, and potential contamination sources as per state regulations.

If you are considering drilling services, take a moment to learn about the inner workings of wells:

  • wellsCasing: The casing not only provides a way for the groundwater to reach the surface, but it also keeps rock, soil, sediment, and contaminants out of the supply through proper venting and a weatherproof, insect-proof cap. Water from gravel or sand aquifers require screens on casings that act as filters–these additions let the liquid pass through but trap sand and gravel. The casing can also protect the pump and other equipment.
  • Pump: Pumps either lift or push water into residential or commercial plumbing systems from the well. Submersible models are the most popular drilled well option, particularly for those that are 4 inches or larger in diameter. Jet pumps are typically used for structures less than 4 inches in diameter because of the lower operating pressure.
  • Pressure Tank: The pressure tank works in conjunction with the pump. It compresses tank air as water is pushed in until it reaches a desired preset level, at which point it shuts off. Opening a faucet causes the tank pressure to force water through a plumbing system until the pressure drops, again to a preset level. A pressure switch minds this preset to turn the system on and off automatically.


Work with the friendly team at Oehler Pump & Well Service Inc. to obtain the water well drilling you need. Proudly serving Charlotte, NC, and the surrounding areas since 1970, this family-owned business provides the honest, dedicated service you desire. Call (704) 875-2209 to schedule service or visit their website for additional information.

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