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Foot Pain & Flat Feet: Essential Info September 14, 2017

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Foot Pain & Flat Feet: Essential Info, Brighton, New York

If you’ve been experiencing foot pain in your heel or arch, visit one of Westside Podiatry Group’s three locations in the Rochester, NY, area. There, a podiatrist will let you know if you’re suffering from flat feet. Contrary to popular belief, not all who have this condition are born with it. Some people develop flat feet due to trauma or overuse. A foot doctor can determine the nature of your pain, as well as the correct treatment. Below, Westside Podiatry Group offers a brief overview of this ailment.

Foot Pain From Flat Feet: What You Should Know


Foot PainFlat feet have low inside arches. This is especially noticeable when a person is standing. Unfortunately, this compromises the overall stability of your feet, making it difficult for them to support your total weight. Flat feet can result in pain near the heel and arch, though some patients also experience discomfort in their ankles, knees, and hips.


Fortunately, there are numerous treatment options available, and a reputable podiatrist will suggest the best one for your needs. They may recommend a customized orthotic insert to redistribute the pressure on your feet. Because your body changes with age, you’ll probably need to make adjustments to the insert over the years to accommodate the shape of your feet.

Individuals with flat feet may also benefit from exercises that strengthen foot ligaments and muscles and reduce overall discomfort. If your doctor recommends any, perform them regularly. While the practice may take time out of your busy schedule, the results will be well worth the investment.

To learn more about how you can treat foot pain, schedule an appointment at Westside Podiatry Group. They’ve been serving patients in the Rochester, NY, area for nearly four decades. Contact them online to learn about becoming a patient, or call (585) 225-2290 for more information.

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