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Why Your Rig, RV, or Bus Needs a Regular Undercarriage Wash September 13, 2017

Hobbs, Lea
Why Your Rig, RV, or Bus Needs a Regular Undercarriage Wash, Hobbs, New Mexico

When you wash your rig, RV, or bus, you probably focus on cleaning the sides, hood, and fenders; polishing the chrome; and buffing the paint until it shines. However, you may be neglecting one of the most important parts of your vehicle—the undercarriage. Tunnel Xpress Truck Wash, the premier mud removal and fleet washing facility in Hobbs, NM, discusses why neglecting your undercarriage is a mistake that can cause catastrophic damage to your vehicle, and explains how a regular undercarriage wash can help.

How Rust Forms on Your Undercarriage

Undercarriage washAs you travel down the road, rocks and gravel can collide with your undercarriage, chipping off any protective coating. This lays bare the metal and leaves your vehicle's support structure vulnerable to the elements. Also, when you travel through snowy or icy conditions, the road salt poured to encourage ice melt gets thrown up and cakes onto the undercarriage of your rig or RV. Salt is a catalyst that reacts with the oxygen in the water and metal of your undercarriage to create rust. Over time, the oxidation can eat through the frame of your vehicle, weakening it to the point that the truck becomes unsafe to operate.

How Undercarriage Wash Helps

Rinsing your truck's undercarriage can help by removing much of the salt. However, to remove all traces and clean away mud, grime, grease, and other contaminants that are holding the salt in place, you should apply a high-pressure undercarriage spray to all areas. Then, apply a degreaser to the entire underbody, let it sit for 20 minutes, and pressure-wash the surface again. You should continue to have it cleaned regularly by a professional truck washing service.

Tunnel Xpress Truck Wash, the most trusted and experienced truck, bus, and fleet washing facility in Hobbs can increase the longevity of your vehicle by performing a thorough undercarriage wash every couple of weeks. Visit their website for directions and hours of operation, or call (575) 391-1340 to discuss your options with a friendly, helpful professional.

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