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Interested in Hawaiian Culture? 3 Historic Sites to See at Waimea Valley August 29, 2017

North Shore, Koolauloa
Interested in Hawaiian Culture? 3 Historic Sites to See at Waimea Valley, Koolauloa, Hawaii

Hawaiʽi is a land that is steeped in rich cultural traditions. These are especially prevalent in the sacred Waimea Valley in Haleʽiwa, Hawaiʽi. Waimea Valley is a 1,875-acres filled with a number of historic sites that hold special significance to the Hawaiian people. However, it wasn’t until recently that anthropologists discovered the hidden history of the Valley.

Here are some of the top Hawaiian cultural historic sites to see at Waimea Valley:

  • Kuʽula Shrine: Fishing has long been a way of life in historic siteHawaiʽi. The Kuʽula Shrine pays homage to the fishing god Kuʽula through a monument made of stones. In Hawaiian tradition, the first, best, or largest catch of the day was presented at this shrine as an offering to the gods to ensure good luck on the water.
  • Hale O Lono: Hale O Lono is the first major historic site you need to check out when visiting the Valley. This heiau, or place of worship, was constructed around 1470 AD and is dedicated to the Hawaiian god Lono. Lono is the god of agriculture, rainfall, fertility, and peace. Hawaiians would offer up tributes such as food, clothing, and feathers at this site during the rainy season to help promote good farming and good fortune. 
  • Hale Iwi: Hale Iwi, or House of Bones, is one of the most significant sites in the Valley. This location, which was constructed in the 1600s, served as a burial temple for high-ranking individuals. The sheer scope of this site belies this location’s importance in the lives of pre-contact Hawaiians.

There is no shortage of activities to do and places to visit in the Valley. Come to Waimea Valley to see a land infused with old Hawaiʽi traditions and historic sites. To learn more about this land’s must-see historic sites, or to find out more about the breathtaking waterfalls, botanical gardens, and endangered animals, call (808) 638-7766 or visit them You can also find them on Facebook.

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