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5 Factors Checked During Commercial Kitchen Appliance Maintenance September 27, 2017

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5 Factors Checked During Commercial Kitchen Appliance Maintenance, Lathrop, California

To prevent the need for commercial kitchen equipment repair, it’s crucial to perform regular maintenance. It’s best to hire experienced technicians to tackle this task to keep your business running smoothly and prevent unnecessary product losses. But what does regular maintenance consist of? Here are some factors technicians check for during appointments.

Your Guide to Commercial Kitchen Appliance Maintenance

1. Pressure

Many kitchen appliances use pressure, like for forcing gas into a stove and keeping fridges and freezers cool. Techs ensure any pressurized valves, piping, or lines are properly set for optimal appliance performance and user safety.

2. Temperatures

Without regulated temperatures, your kitchen will shut down, and you could lose thousands of dollars of ingredients. Fixing temperature issues is a major part of commercial kitchen equipment repair that can easily be avoided with maintenance. A technician will ensure the temperature controls are set properly and working as they should.

3. Filters

commercial kitchen equipment repairYour cooling equipment, hot-side equipment, steamers, and ice machines may all have filters. These must be replaced from time to time to keep your machines running properly.

4. Cleanliness

While your employees perform ordinary cleaning tasks like wiping everything down and sanitizing surfaces, there are internal appliance components that require more of a deep cleaning. Commercial kitchen equipment repair technicians have the right tools and know-how to ensure your appliances are thoroughly cleaned, which can extend their life expectancies. 

5. Adjustments

Just about everyone has accidentally changed the temperature setting on their refrigerator without noticing. This can happen in a commercial kitchen, too. Techs will ensure your heating and cooling appliances are set properly so they keep ingredients safe and sanitary. This also ensures top energy efficiency, which is an important element in budgeting for utility bills. 


Many commercial kitchen equipment repair costs can be mitigated with the help of regular maintenance. Schedule your next appliance checkup by visiting the Tech-24 website to learn about their multiple locations, superior customer service, and 90-day parts and labor guarantee.

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