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How a Cleaning Service Can Prevent a Mumps Outbreak September 13, 2017

Hickham, Honolulu
How a Cleaning Service Can Prevent a Mumps Outbreak, Honolulu, Hawaii

Mumps is a contagious, viral disease whose symptoms include headaches, fever, muscle aches, and the painful swelling of the salivary glands below the ears. It is no longer common, but each year, mumps outbreaks occur in locations throughout the country, sometimes leading to complications. Kleenco Group, the leading building maintenance company in Honolulu, HI, discusses below why Hawaii residents should be concerned about mumps outbreaks, and they explain how a professional cleaning service can help limit your employees' exposure.

Why You Should Be Concerned About a Mumps Outbreak

As of May 2017, the State of Hawaii's Department of Health has publicized a dramatic uptick in mumps infections throughout the Islands. The United States Center for Disease Control states that, as of August 2017, at least 300 cases have been confirmed across the state. Both children and adults have been infected. Although no hospitalizations have yet occurred, mumps is sometimes accompanied by serious complications like meningitis, encephalitis, and temporary or permanent deafness. Vaccination is the best way to prevent infection, but patients should consult their physician before having the vaccine administered. Regular handwashing is another effective way to prevent exposure.  

How a Cleaning Service Can Limit Mumps Exposure

Cleaning servicesIn addition to vaccination and regular washing, a professional cleaning service can help your business limit its employees' exposure to the mumps virus. Mumps spreads when an infected individual coughs or sneezes and then touches an object—such as cups or utensils—or surface—such as bathroom sinks, kitchen counters, or workstations—with unwashed hands. By hiring a professional cleaning service to regularly wash and sanitize the objects and surfaces in your office, you eliminate the contagion, reduce the spread of disease, and help keep your employees healthy and your business productive.

Kleenco Group is a reliable building maintenance company based in Honolulu, HI, that helps businesses throughout the state to minimize the spread of mumps and other infectious diseases with comprehensive cleaning services. Visit their website to request an estimate for carpet cleaning, window cleaning, or tile restoration, or call (808) 831-7600 to discuss your options with a friendly, knowledgeable professional.

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