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3 HVAC Contractor-Approved Tips for Cleaning Home Units September 13, 2017

Newport-Fort Thomas, Campbell
3 HVAC Contractor-Approved Tips for Cleaning Home Units, Newport-Fort Thomas, Kentucky

Although it's wise to hire a licensed HVAC contractor to service your home's system regularly, there are a few methods you can enlist to keep it running smoothly in between appointments. The experts at Arc Electric & Air Conditioning & Heating, based in Newport, KY, want to help you achieve optimum functionality.

Below, they share a few tips for cleaning your HVAC system:

  • HVAC contractorChange the Filters: Switching out your filters once a month will reduce the amount of wear and tear on your equipment. Ensuring they are clean will also boost your HVAC system’s efficiency. It’s recommended that you change filters out every 60-90 days, but if you notice that one is becoming clogged more often, the frequency of this should be increased. 
  • Keep Units Clear: Outdoor units can become entrapped by leaves, twigs, and other organic materials. Make sure to remove any debris in their vicinity. Also, ensure there’s ample space near the vents so airflow isn't obstructed.
  • Clean the Evaporator Drain: The evaporator drain inside your AC unit disposes of the condensation collected from the air during the cooling process. Algae and mold can build up in this part, making it difficult for your HVAC unit to function efficiently. You can clean the drain by attaching the hose of a wet and dry vacuum to it and turning on the device for several minutes, or until you think the drain is clear of debris.

When you need an HVAC contractor for thorough maintenance, such as for air conditioning repair, you can rely on Arc Electric & Air Conditioning & Heating. For over five decades, they have served residential, commercial, and industrial customers in the northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati area. They offer convenient 24-hour service so you can count on their team of electricians and HVAC contractors even in an emergency. For more information, call (859) 441-7161. Or, visit their website to view their current list of specials.

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