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Guide to Your First Visit With the Chiropractor September 13, 2017

Platteville, Grant
Guide to Your First Visit With the Chiropractor, Platteville, Wisconsin

If you have never been to the chiropractor, prepare yourself for the pain relief and wellness that comes with proper spinal alignment. Chiropractic care is a natural and painless way to treat back pain, sciatica, joint pain and other health issues, and 35 million Americans turn to chiropractors for relief each year. Here’s what to expect at your first visit.

Symptoms & Medical History

The Chiropractor or Chiropractic Assistant will ask for your medical history. It might help to write this information down in advance, along with a list of prescription medications you take. Then, they will ask you to discuss the symptoms that have brought you in. You should also mention if you have pain or mobility loss in places other than what you are there to address to give the chiropractor a full picture of your health.


chiropractorDuring the exam, the chiropractor may perform the same tests your primary care doctor would—blood pressure, pulse, and respiration. They will probably test your reflexes, the range of motion in the affected areas, and your muscle strength and tone. You may be asked to demonstrate movement in various ways.

Diagnostic Tests

You might not need any diagnostic tests, but the most common are X-rays and MRI scans to give the chiropractor an image of the issues causing your pain. 


Based on the results of your exam and diagnostic testing, the chiropractor will recommend a course of treatment. If you have questions about the purpose of a treatment, the length of time it will take, and the cost, don’t be shy about asking.


No one should have to live with pain and limited range of motion. Begin your journey to better health by scheduling your first appointment at your local chiropractic clinic today. Chiropractic Associates of Platteville in Wisconsin can help you achieve strength, health, and wellness through chiropractic care. Their team of experienced Chiropractors are trained to treat your pain and mobility and help athletes improve performance and recover from injuries. Call (608) 348-3156 or send a message online to schedule your appointment today.

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