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5 Exercises You Can Do at Home for Sciatica Relief September 13, 2017

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5 Exercises You Can Do at Home for Sciatica Relief, Cincinnati, Ohio

As a condition that’s characterized by low back pain, pins and needles sensations, numbness, and weakness, sciatica can make physical activity seem highly unappealing. However, Fick Chiropractic Centers reminds patients that exercise can provide immense sciatica relief and help strengthen the back to prevent future discomfort.

To help ease your pain, this chiropractic care team in Cincinnati, OH, highlights five simple exercises you can do at home with the approval of your doctor:

1. Walking

Getting outside and taking a walk can be highly beneficial for sciatica as it provides a low-impact workout that helps boost cardiovascular function. By walking around the block, you can improve blood flow to promote healing, reduce inflammation, and trigger the release of pain-fighting endorphins.

2. Hamstring Stretches

Stretching the hamstrings provides considerable relief, as it helps to relax the sciatic nerve that runs down the back through the leg. If you neglect to do so, the muscle becomes extremely tight and places additional pressure on the nerve.

3. Core Strengthening

sciatica reliefSciatic nerve pain is often triggered by relying too much on the lower back for support. By strengthening your core muscles, you’ll help stabilize your lumbar muscles so that your spine and nerves are less likely to become depressed. While you should be cautious about lifting heavy weights, you can strengthen your core by practicing abdominal ball exercises.

4. Twists

If sciatica pain makes it difficult for you to bend your back, it may be a challenge to stretch those muscles. However, there are plenty of “twist” exercises to gently rotate your hips and manipulate the lumbar muscles to reduce pressure in the lower back. For example, the erected back twist is a beneficial exercise for sciatica relief that involves placing one foot on a chair and gently twisting to bring the opposite hand over the lifted knee.

5. Yoga Poses

Although many yoga poses are difficult to do with sciatica, some are specially designed to stretch out back muscles and improve circulation. The cat pose, for example, puts the body on all fours in a bridge position and allows a person to slowly curve their back up and down to release tightness.

Before engaging in any exercises for sciatica relief, it is important to visit with a trusted chiropractor who’ll determine what practices are safe and effective for you. Focused on providing personalized sciatica treatment, the specialists at Fick Chiropractic Centers will help identify the source of your condition and help you improve your form to experience greater results through corrective exercises. To schedule an appointment at one of their four conveniently-located offices, call (513) 851-8686 or contact them online.

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