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3 Signs You Need a Septic Tank Cleaning September 13, 2017

North Whitfield, Whitfield
3 Signs You Need a Septic Tank Cleaning , North Whitfield, Georgia

Unlike chores such as vacuuming, you probably don’t think about septic tank cleaning very often. After all, you only need the service every three to five years, depending on your system. However, certain problems can occur that necessitate cleaning as soon as possible. The plumbing repair experts at A Drain Doctor Plumbing in Dalton, GA, expound a few of the warning signs that could indicate it's time to service your septic tank.

Standing Water

One of the biggest indicators your septic system needs fixing is water pooling on your lawn or around your drain field. Usually, wastewater is deposited underground, but if your tank is full or damaged, it will rise to the surface and soak your lawn.

Bad Smell 

Septic tank cleaningAll wastewater in your home is drained through the septic system; this includes not only the water from your sinks and bathtub but from the toilet as well. If you notice a particularly foul odor in your bathroom or when you're outside near your drain field, you may have a septic backup or overflow.

Poor Drainage 

An occasional clog in your sink or toilet is normal. But if your plumbing fixtures are all draining slowly at the same time, this could be an indication your pipes are clogged, the water or sewer lines are damaged, or the septic tank is overflowing.

When you notice any of these signs, get in touch with the team at A Drain Doctor Plumbing. Whether the problem is a simple clog or you need septic tank cleaning, their licensed plumbers will handle it. For your convenience, they also offer 24-hour emergency plumbing services. Call (706) 694-6466 today for a free estimate, or visit their website for more information regarding their services.

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