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Estate Planning: Types of Real Estate Deeds September 13, 2017

Blue Ash, Blue Ash
Estate Planning: Types of Real Estate Deeds , Blue Ash, Ohio

Do you know how property owners can hold title to real estate in Ohio? Selecting a type of deed is important for estate planning purposes. There are many options available when acquiring deeds to real property.

Estate Planning: Real Property Deeds

General Warranty Deed

Most Ohio real estate is transferred by general warranty deed, which gives the new owner fee simple title and guarantees its validity to the owner, heirs, assignees, and successors in interest. When more than one person takes ownership, the owners share a tenancy in common. Unless the deed says otherwise, each person owns an equal undivided interest in the real estate.

Joint & Survivorship Deedestate planning

When multiple individuals acquire real estate, they may use a joint and survivor deed as an estate planning tool. This deed form allows the property to pass to the remaining property holders without probate when one owner passes away. Once a certified death certificate is recorded, property title transfers to the surviving owner(s) automatically.

Quitclaim Deed

A quitclaim deed gives the new owner whatever the interest is that the previous owner holds. With this deed, the new owner does not receive any express or implied warranties and accepts the property as is.

Deed of Trust

Lenders making real estate loans receive deeds of trust. These deeds protect lenders’ interests if the property is sold or borrowers default on the loans.

Fiduciary Deed

Individuals in positions including guardians or trustees transfer real estate using fiduciary deeds. Often used in probate administration, these deeds state that fiduciaries are acting in their legal capacity and are authorized to transfer the property.


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