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Letterpress Printing: The Process & How It Will Benefit Your NYC Business September 13, 2017

Letterpress Printing: The Process & How It Will Benefit Your NYC Business, ,

If you own or manage an enterprise in New York City that needs business cards, invitations, and publications of superior quality, you’ll achieve them with the high-end look of letterpress printing. This traditional style of specialty printing has tactile characteristics that help you create a luxurious product that’s sure to impress clients and event attendees. As one of the world’s oldest and most treasured typesetting services, letterpress printing also is popular for use on greeting cards and many other items. To understand how it will make your company’s materials stand out, learn about the background of the craft. 

A Guide to Letterpress Printing

Letterpress printing New York NYLetterpress printing produces raised letters or graphics that are inked and pressed into paper to reproduce an embossed or debossed image in reverse. Originally, each print was set by hand with wood and metal pieces to create a luxurious product. Today’s letterpress printing is completed with a photo polymer plate.

The designs and typography used in letterpress printing are created by a company or graphic expert on a computer. This digital method lets companies take advantage of new fonts, ornamental graphics, multicolor designs, and intricate patterns. The computerized process also makes rush printing easier so customers can receive exceptional products under strict deadlines. 

Companies That Benefit From the Technique

Letterpress printing is ideal for businesses in the fashion industry due to its sophistication and ability to showcase artistic designs. Fashion moguls in New York City often use the process to create dazzling look books, line sheets, and hang tags. Despite its exclusive look, letterpress printing is affordable and accessible to everyone. Clients ranging from high-end fashion houses to independent designers who need as few as 100 look books or invitations can use this type of printing to produce impressive promotional materials. 

Letterpress printing will create a beautiful book that looks like a work of art. Whether a publisher needs saddle-stitched or perfect binding on their materials, a letterpress can make any publication look more attractive. Wedding planners, interior designers, and fashion photographers who depend on aesthetics for the growth of their businesses also will benefit from this method. 


Whether you’re preparing for a marketing push or extravagant event, letterpress printing provides a dramatic and beautiful touch to any project. Bestype Imaging is a premier book, brochure, and poster printing service in New York City that includes letterpress products among its offerings, drawing rave reviews from clients. To learn more about the technique and request a quote, call (212) 966-6886. For additional information about their Manhattan print house and customer-oriented production, visit their website. Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for more insight from the company.

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