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4 Benefits of Installing Low-Flow Appliances for Your Bathroom Remodel September 13, 2017

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4 Benefits of Installing Low-Flow Appliances for Your Bathroom Remodel, Pine Grove, California

A bathroom remodel is an exciting project for you and your family. You get to customize everything, from tiles to paint colors and fixtures. A bathroom remodel can increase the value of your home, but did you know you can also save money in the long run by installing the right appliances? Low-flow appliances aren’t just good for the environment—there are many benefits of going green when you’re remodeling your bathroom.

4 Benefits of Installing Low-Flow Appliances for Your Bathroom Remodel

1. Save Water

bathroom remodelThe most obvious benefit of a low-flow appliance is significant savings on your water bill. Toilets, showers, and faucets are run multiple times a day. In fact, toilets account for nearly 30% of an average home’s water usage. Low-flow models can help temper the amount of water used per flush or shower, resulting in a smaller water bill.

2. Save Energy

Low-flow shower heads and faucets will help you use less water and more specifically, less hot water. This translates to energy savings every month, and it can even extend the life of your water heater.

3. Choose the Eco-Friendly Option

While saving money on bills is an excellent benefit, it’s not the only reason to switch to low-flow appliances. Water is a finite resource that is quickly becoming a scarce one in many regions around the world, particularly California. Low-flow appliances can help you reduce your water consumption and conserve this valuable resource.

4. Enjoy the Incentives

Many communities, municipalities, counties, and state governments give tax breaks to people who install eco-friendly appliances in their homes, including low-flow fixtures. If you’re unsure of where to start, ask your plumber, or visit the EPA’s WaterSense website to find out which fixtures meet the right standards to qualify.


If you’re beginning a bathroom remodel, consider installing eco-friendly fixtures to save money, and do your part to conserve water. Stuart London Handyman in Pine Grove, CA, is an experienced contractor who can help you select the right appliances for your home. Call him today at (209) 296-3613. Visit his website for more information.

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