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How Your Tire Dealer Can Help Identify the Right Tires Quickly September 1, 2017

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How Your Tire Dealer Can Help Identify the Right Tires Quickly, Kannapolis, North Carolina

If you need new tires, you shouldn’t have to spend hours researching the perfect set. A tire dealer can help you identify the right tires for your car in just minutes. Brothers Tire Sales of Kannapolis, NC, spend every day helping car owners determine which tires are the best fit for their model of car. Here are a few tips to help identify which tires you need, based on your vehicle.

If you have a standard car, all-season tires are the go-to choice. All-season is synonymous with all-weather, and they are perfect for most cars. They offer miles and miles of driving before they need replacing, so they are perfect for long trips or regular commutes.

Performance tires are also technically all-season tires, but they’re used for newer and high-performance cars. They won’t last as long as regular all-season tires, but they do have better grip, which may be important if you live in certain areas with a lot of rain and snow.

brake repairIf you own a sports car or a high-performance luxury car, you need summer tires. Don’t be confused by the name; summer tires can be used most of the year, but your tire dealer will recommend that all-seasons are used for the winter, especially in snow and icy conditions. Summer tires offer increased responsiveness and braking abilities—two qualities that are important for sports cars.

Lastly if you have a truck or SUV, your tire dealer will help you pick up all-terrain truck tires. They are not the same as all-season, as they are larger and have deeper tread patterns for off-roading or muddy terrain.

Need tire service and don’t know which tires you need? Come in to Brothers Tile Sales to speak with a tire dealer and learn which tires will best serve your vehicle. Give them a call at (704) 933-2203 or visit their website for more information.

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