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A Georgia Attorney Shares Tips for Resolving a Failure-to-Appear Issue September 12, 2017

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A Georgia Attorney Shares Tips for Resolving a Failure-to-Appear Issue, Warner Robins, Georgia

A Failure-to-Appear (FTA) suspension is a legal judgment imposed upon a driver who does not attend their mandated traffic court dates. The suspension of the defendant’s driver's license aims to get them to honor their court obligations and settle a ticket-related issue.

While FTAs are common throughout the country, many drivers charged with this infraction are not made aware of it until it is too late and they are arrested. Below, the attorneys at The Walker Firm in Warner Robins, GA, offer some tips for resolving your FTA.

3 Tips for Resolving a Failure-to-Appear Issue in Georgia

1. Get a Copy of Your Driving Record

To start addressing the matter head-on, you first need to know what court issued the FTA. The most efficient way of obtaining this information is to call the Georgia Department of Driver Services and request your driving record. It should state clearly on your record where and when the FTA suspension was issued. Contact the issuing court directly, and ask them your options for resolving the issue.

2. Pay the FTA Fine

attorneyThere will be a fee associated with settling the FTA, and paying it immediately is the first step to getting your license back. But in most cases, you will now have to address the underlying traffic issue for which you missed court in the first place. This means entering a plea. Pleading guilty to a relatively straightforward and minor traffic offense is one of the faster routes to take; you will often just have to pay an additional fine. If your traffic offense is more serious or complex, the process of getting your license back could be more involved.

3. Hire an Attorney

A guilty plea for a serious traffic offense can have major repercussions. An additional license suspension could be handed down, which would negate all your attempts to resolve the FTA in the first place. For cases like these, you want the help of a skilled attorney. A lawyer knows how to design a compelling legal strategy that works in your favor, as well as how to negotiate with prosecutors for a reduced plea or lighter sentence.

Contact The Walker Firm to start addressing your FTA. You can also reach them by phone at (478) 923-4152 or via their Facebook or Google+ page. Don't let a Failure-to-Appear hinder your life or your freedoms; call The Walker Firm today.

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