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3 Benefits of Using Pole & Post Frame Buildings for Farm Storage September 13, 2017

Downtown Columbia, Columbia
3 Benefits of Using Pole & Post Frame Buildings for Farm Storage, Columbia, Missouri

Running a farm requires a variety of tools, many of which are large and expensive. While such heavy duty machines are strong, constant exposure to the elements can cause them to break down sooner rather than later. Fortunately, a pole and post frame building can protect your equipment from unnecessary wear and tear and extend its longevity. 

3 Benefits of Using Pole & Post Frame Buildings for Farm Storage

1. Quick to Install

One of the major benefits of a pole and post frame building is how quickly it's completed. Unlike a traditional barn, a pole barn is composed of a concrete slab, a wood frame, and metal sheeting. The simplicity of the building makes it easy to install, yet it's strong enough to withstand constant use. As long as you work with an experienced contractor, the structure can typically be finished within a few weeks.

2. Affordable Construction

pole and post frame buildingThey're also extremely affordable, which is why pole barns are so popular for both commercial and residential construction projects. Since they're easy to install and require a minimal amount of materials, the structure is substantially less expensive than its wood counterpart. Their affordability means they're easy to work with a wide range of budgets, so you can get your equipment safe and secure with little fuss.

3. Convenient Storage

Another perk of a pole and post frame building is the convenience it provides. Every minute counts on a farm, and a pole barn can help you avoid wasting time. You no longer have to deal with tarps or tractor covers when you're done with them, as you can simply park your equipment in your barn and go on to the next task.

Protect your farm equipment with a pole and post frame building from Ackerman Contractors. Based in Columbia, MO, and providing general contracting services to all of Boone County, the company has built their name on honest and efficient work. From pole barns to concrete repair, you can expect only the best craftsmanship, regardless of project size. Get an estimate for your barn by contacting the team online or by calling (573) 256-1986.

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