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Rochester’s Garage Door Repair Experts Share 5 Key Garage Organization Tips September 12, 2017

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Rochester’s Garage Door Repair Experts Share 5 Key Garage Organization Tips, Rochester, New York

If your garage is messy and chaotic, there’s no time like the present to declutter and organize this popular home storage space. However, before you launch into a cleaning frenzy, make sure that there’s a method to your organizational process. Read on to learn five key tips for streamlined, stress-free garage organization from the garage door repair experts.

5 Key Garage Organization Tips

1. Sort Your Belongings

Categorize your belongings into “keep,” “donate,” and “trash” piles. Only hold onto items that you’ve used within the past year or that you know you will use in the future, such as tools or maintenance equipment, and discard anything that is broken or out of date.

2. Quickly Remove Unwanted Items

garage door repairOnce you’ve sorted your unwanted belongings, quickly rid them from your home by hosting a yard sale, donating to Goodwill®, or hauling junk to a landfill if it’s too much for weekly garbage collection. Hasty removal decreases the likelihood that you will reconsider items placed in your “donate” and “trash” piles.

3. Design a Garage Layout

Before relocating belongings back to your garage, ensure organization from the start by drafting a map detailing where items will be stored. Plan to house gear you regularly use, such as bikes and children’s toys, near the garage doorway and seasonal items in hard-to-reach locations.

4. Add Vertical Storage

To keep floors and walkways tidy, install shelving and cabinets on garage walls. Use these nooks to group similar items together, such as pet food, tools, and outdoor toys, and purchase baskets and hampers to create visual cohesion and help categorize.

5. Use Ceiling Space

If you plan to store your vehicle, lawnmower, or other large machinery in your garage, your ceiling can serve as a unique, space-saving storage solution. Consider purchasing ceiling hooks from your local hardware store or installing roof rafters to hang kayaks, bikes, and other large equipment.


If you’re seeking a fully functioning garage, don’t stop with just organizing your space—take care of your garage door repair and installation needs too! As Rochester, NY’s leading residential and commercial garage door experts, Tracey Door Co specializes in a variety of garage installation and maintenance services, including garage door screens and garage door repair. For a free estimate, give them a call today at (585) 426-6060 or visit their website for a list of their suppliers and services.

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