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5 Delicious Recipes to Make Using Goetta September 13, 2017

Erlanger, Kenton
5 Delicious Recipes to Make Using Goetta, Erlanger, Kentucky

Goetta connoisseurs know there are simply never enough ways to cook and enjoy the delicious meat and grain medley. While this German sausage is perhaps best-known as a breakfast patty, there are plenty of other ways to enjoy it. In fact, the staff at Colonial Cottage in Erlanger, KY, has a lot of suggestions. As a leading source for all things goetta in Northern Kentucky, the family restaurant serves up inventive takes on the dish, including nachos, grilled cheese, and burgers. Next time a craving for this scrumptious sausage strikes, try one of their unique suggestions for incorporating it into your favorite recipes.

5 Ways to Use Goetta

1. Hearty Pizza

Put a new spin on pizza by trading the traditional meat toppings for your favorite spicy sausage. Get ready to have a slice like you’ve never had before!

2. Flavorful Chili

Beef isn’t the only base you can use to prepare your favorite chili recipe. Start with the German sausage instead and add your favorite ingredients, like peppers, onions, beans, and tomato sauce. For an even richer taste, prepare the meal using a slow cooker.

3. Filling Omelets

The sausage serves as the perfect side to any breakfast, but why not incorporate it directly into your eggs? A goetta-packed omelet is sure to leave you feeling full and ready to tackle the day!

4. Inventive Shepherd’s Pie

goettaPut a new twist on this comfort food classic by swapping out your go-to meats with the sausage you love best.

5. Tasty Tacos

No one said taco night has to consist of beef exclusively. In fact, you may have already tried fish or shredded chicken in your tacos, but use goetta as your taco meat and you’re in for an unforgettable explosion of flavors.

Of course, you can always enjoy mouthwatering goetta recipes and skip the cooking by dining at Colonial Cottage! Take a look at some of their original menu choices by visiting the award-winning restaurant online. You can also get in touch on Facebook or by calling them at (859) 341-4498.

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