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What Is the Difference Between Monument and Pylon Signs? August 31, 2017

Greensboro, Guilford
What Is the Difference Between Monument and Pylon Signs?, Greensboro, North Carolina

For a local business or major corporation, signage is one of the most important aspects of getting discovered by potential customers. Burchette Sign Corporation in Colfax, NC, has been helping companies stand out from the crowd for over 50 years. Here, they explain what the difference is between monument and pylon signs and which is more appropriate for your needs.

What’s the Difference Between Monument and Pylon Signs?

A monument sign is installed in the ground at the entrance of your business. They often look like stone or brick but can be painted and have a stucco finish. On the other hand, a pylon sign is usually a light box with lettering that’s attached to a large pole, towering above your business location. Pylon signs can be seen from far away, but both monument and pylon signs can be free-standing.

Should You Get a Monument or Pylon Sign?

signsWhich type of sign is more appropriate for your business depends on your location. Pylon signs are suitable for companies located next to a major highway or interstate. That’s because pylon signs can be seen from far away, which helps you get discovered by new customers and easily found by the ones who are already on their way. You can even use bold or neon lettering to attract attention.

Monument signs are ideal for businesses that are situated in small neighborhoods or an area with low speed limits. A custom monument sign is a classy way to give your customers more information about you and can entice them to come in for more information.

Are you interested in getting a monument or pylon sign for your business? Give the staff at Burchette Sign Corporation a call today at (336) 996-6501 or fill out their contact form online. Their experience in creating beautiful custom signs can help you expand your business and build your brand identity. 

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