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The 4 Basic Types of Kitchen Cabinets September 12, 2017

Upper West Side, Manhattan
The 4 Basic Types of Kitchen Cabinets, Manhattan, New York

Selecting new kitchen cabinets is a personal and challenging task in both style and function. Your kitchen layout depends on the location of your utilities, such as hot and cold water, waste lines, electricity and appliance sizes. To fit the pieces of this puzzle together you need to choose sizes and types of cabinetry that suits the kitchen layout and how and where you would like your principle and secondary work spaces, the location of your utensils, pots, pans and small appliances. Also the style of cooking may play a large role in you cabinet choices. Whatever you choose, it will involve a combination of the four basic types of cabinets from LUXCUCINA in New York, NY. As you embark on your kitchen design, familiarize yourself with these cabinetry categories.

There are four basic types of kitchen cabinets, so pick any combination of those that are right for you:

  • kitchen cabinetsBase: Standard base cabinets are the under-countertop cabinets seen in most kitchens. They are usually 24–27 inches deep and about 34.5 inches in height. There may be a small four-inch riser underneath the cabinets called a toe kick, which allows space for your feet when you are standing close to the cabinet working on your counter top, which is usually about 36 inches of the floor.
  • Wall: These upper cabinets sit above your counter top at about 18 inches, which is considered a standard backsplash area, however most designers can adjust this depending on the use. The finished height of the cabinetry, usually dictated by the ceiling height plays a role in the how tall each wall cabinet will be, usually between 30 and 42 inches, providing a finished height of 84 inches to 96 inches, 13.5 – 24.5  inches deep depending on the design and function. Wall cabinets are convenient because you don’t need to bend down to get things from them.
  • Tall: Tall cabinets require floor-to-ceiling space and are typically 84 to 96 inches tall. Their height allows for plenty of easy access storage space and can be as deep as you’d like. These cabinets are ideal for pantries,broom storage and wall ovens.
  • Custom: Custom cabinets of every size and shape can be designed by many kitchen designers and fabricated however they cost more than the basic styles above, but they’re best at maximizing your available storage space and can be tailor made for unique uses.  For example, a corner cabinet will create storage in a space that would otherwise be useless.

Cabinetry is a crucial part of any kitchen remodeling project. Contact the team at LUXCUCINA at (212) 787-4400 to talk about you cabinetry needs for your unique project. LUXCUCINA  offers high-quality cabinets in many different styles, counter tops, and tile that can fit your budget while creating the luxury cooking space of your dreams. You can also visit them online for more information.

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