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Never Lose Your House Keys Again: 3 Tips From Charlotte's Locksmiths August 31, 2017

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Never Lose Your House Keys Again: 3 Tips From Charlotte's Locksmiths, Poplar Tent, North Carolina

Losing or misplacing your house keys is something that happens to everyone, and it’s a frustrating experience. You wander around the house, emptying your pockets, rummaging around handbags and pulling out drawers. The locksmiths at AAL Lock & Key Inc. in Concord, NC, understand how annoying this scenario is, but they have advice to make sure you never misplace your house keys again. 

3 Easy Ways to Keep Track of Your House Keys

Choose a Designated Spot house-keys

The next time you walk through the front door, pay attention to the first steps you take. Where do you normally place your house keys? If you tend to put them down in different parts of the house, it’s time to make a change. Hang a small hook by the main entrance or place a bowl on the kitchen counter, and make this space your designated house key spot. When you get home, immediately place your keys in the same place, every time.

2. Decorate to Make Them Noticeable 

House keys tend to disappear in deep pockets or large handbags and backpacks. To find them more easily, consider decorating your keys with paint or stickers, or place them on a specific key chain. It’s easier to see brightly colored and oddly shaped objects, even in dimly lit rooms or the depths of your bag.

3. Nudge the Neighbors

Despite your best efforts to keep track of your keys, accidents happen. It’s a good idea to give neighbors or trusted friends a spare set of house keys in case you simply cannot find them. Another option is to hide your spares outside of the house. Make sure the hiding spot isn’t obvious—you don’t want strangers to find them. Once you use the spare set, place them back in the same spot, so they’re available again when you need them.

For more house key tips, or to find a reliable locksmith service in the Charlottesville, NC, area, contact the professionals at AAL Lock & Key Inc. From door lock repair to key replacement, these commercial locksmiths can handle almost any job. Call (704) 795-2162, or visit the website for more information.

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