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What Does Oil Field Maintenance Include? September 12, 2017

Hobbs, Lea
What Does Oil Field Maintenance Include?, Hobbs, New Mexico

If you're managing an oil drilling project, oil field maintenance is essential to keep your operation running smoothly. Lucky Services, Inc. in Hobbs, NM, offers maintenance and site operation services in both the Hobbs and Midland, TX, areas. Their services cover everything from basic repairs to personnel for your oil well.

Oil Field Equipment

Lucky Services, Inc. boasts 23 pulling units, along with all the machinery and supplies you need to keep your site running. Their main focus is on worker safety, so they use only the best quality rigs and they keep everything in good repair.

Equipment Transportation

Even when you have a source for machinery, logistics can be difficult to manage. Lucky Services, Inc. handles their own transportation and storage, so you won't have to worry about moving equipment around. Just contract with them for the services you need, and let them worry about shipping, setup, and take-down.

Maintenance & Repairs

Oil Field MaintenanceFrom compressors to oil heaters to generators and more, every piece of equipment on site is essential to keep the oil moving. Lucky Services, Inc. provides oil field maintenance for all the major machines and instruments involved in the process. Their skilled technicians offer repairs and preventative maintenance to keep your equipment running and your production on schedule.


With over 100 trained employees, Lucky Services, Inc. is ready to staff your oil well with all the workers and specialists you need. Their employees will fill any role, whether you need simple labor or skilled technical expertise.

If you're struggling to arrange oil rigs for your site, if you find your equipment failing, or if you're shorthanded, Lucky Services, Inc. is the oil field maintenance company to call. For the last 30 years, they've provided and operated pulling units on sites throughout New Mexico. To inquire about their services, call (575) 392-1547 or get in touch online.

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