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What Do You Need to Know About Visor Lights? August 30, 2017

Russellville, Logan
What Do You Need to Know About Visor Lights?, Russellville, Kentucky

If you’re in an emergency situation and need to move traffic quickly, regular high beams won’t cut it. Visor lights, however, provide a fast, simple way to get the attention of other drivers and illuminate your work area.

But what are they, and how can they help drivers? Here are three benefits of visor lights on a vehicle:

  • visor lightsFewer Accidents: Unlike other options on the market, visor lighting is essential because it offers a practical way to quickly alert drivers of caution areas. If you’re an EMS driver, work with fire or police departments, or operate tow trucks, you know how essential it is to have adequate lighting at night. Additionally, these emergency vehicle warning lights can be programmed with a range of flashing color patterns, which can effectively capture the attention of other drivers better than other lighting options—day or night.
  • Practical: Whether you need firefighter LED lights or cost-effective caution ones, they are simple to install, affordable for a range of vehicles, and long lasting. With many models, all you have to do is plug the power source into the vehicle’s cigarette lighter. In an emergency situation, ease of use could save precious seconds.
  • Versatile: Visor lights aren’t just for emergency responders. Private security companies can install them on a fleet of vehicles to safely patrol any area; tow truck operators can fully illuminate a nighttime tow; for personal use, installing visor lights can improve the safety of hobbies like off-roading.


When it comes to the best options for emergency vehicle visor lights, trust the professionals at Superior LED to outfit your vehicle with high-visibility lighting that will help you get the job done safely. Located in Russellville, KY, speak with the team today at (270) 717-1120, or visit them online.

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