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Leadership Training Experts Share 3 Ways to Build Better Communication With Employees September 13, 2017

Irvine Center, Irvine-Lake Forest
Leadership Training Experts Share 3 Ways to Build Better Communication With Employees, Irvine-Lake Forest, California

There are several key qualities every good supervisor should possess, and the ability to effectively communicate with employees should top the list. According to the professionals at Crestcom SoCal, relaying information in a positive, straightforward manner will give staffers the encouragement they need to be more productive. Their knowledge comes from their experience providing leadership training throughout Southern California. 

Below, the consultants share three tips to hone your communication skills:

  • leadership trainingPlan What You Want to Say: Before speaking with employees, map out the conversation in your head. Remember, effective dialogue isn’t a one-way street. Leadership training professionals recommend taking into account the ultimate goal you plan to achieve with the message so you can anticipate how the other person will respond to the information. With careful strategizing, you’ll be able to guide the conversation in a positive direction. 
  • Deliver the Message With Confidence: Once you know what you want to say, deliver the message with confidence. Using straightforward terminology, discuss how the message relates to larger company goals. Having the full picture helps employees understand how their efforts fit into the grand scheme of things. Afterward, recap what has been said until you feel comfortable they understand. 
  • Be Open to Differing Viewpoints: To create a positive workplace, employees should feel comfortable communicating with their supervisors. Once you’ve delivered your message, be open to what they have to say. Listening to suggestions and different viewpoints will help create a more effective team, while reinforcing the fact that you value what others have to say. 

If you want to start a more constructive dialogue with employees, Crestcom SoCal will provide you with the tools needed to become a better manager. To learn more about leadership training and management development opportunities in Southern California, give these professionals a call at (619) 204-9130. Visit the consulting agency online, and like them on Facebook for an in-depth look at their training programs.

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