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3 Enticing Facts to Know About Hawaiian Poke Bowls September 13, 2017

Diamond Head - Kapahulu - St. Louis, Honolulu
3 Enticing Facts to Know About Hawaiian Poke Bowls, Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawaiian cuisine has become increasingly popular, with restaurants serving local delicacies for everyone to enjoy. Hawaiian poke is one of the state’s most loved dishes because it provides a taste of the islands’ best offerings. This fresh seafood dish is rich in history as well as flavor, offering benefits beyond a full stomach and satisfied taste buds. 

3 Facts About Hawaiian Poke Bowls

1. You Can Mix & Match

Poke bowls can be created to fit the dietary or taste preferences of each diner. Whether you’re on a gluten-free plan, have an aversion to spicy foods, or prefer to have your raw fish doused generously with fresh fixings, you can create a poke bowl that suits your style. Add ginger, seaweed, or sesame seeds for an extra flavor punch. If you’re worried about gluten, skip the wontons. Poke is a fantastic option for diners who want to be creative and in control of their meal.

2. They’re Healthy

Hawaiian poke Honolulu HIFinding a healthy lunch without compromising taste can be tricky, but poke satisfies both needs. Since it’s made from the freshest raw ​​​​​​​fish and whole-food ingredients, you can feel good about each poke bowl you devour. Toppings are selected for not only taste but nutrition, providing long-lasting energy with protein and healthy fats. 

3. They’re Traditional Hawaiian Food

Hawaiian poke bowls are a time-honored way to serve the island chain’s fish. When local restaurants create this dish, they respect where the fish came from and understand how to prepare and enjoy it. Hawaiians place great significance on the meaning and origin of their foods, and you will appreciate the relationship between sea and land the next time you order a poke bowl. 


For a delicious, authentic bowl of poke in Honolulu, HI, look no further than Da Hawaiian Poke Company. Their Hawaiian cuisine enthusiasts are committed to making every guest feel part of a celebration of their local culture. Visit their website for information about their build-your-own Hawaiian poke bowls and other items on their menu, and check their Facebook page for more news from the restaurant. To inquire about table availability, call (808) 425-4954.

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