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What Does a Neurological Test Involve? September 7, 2017

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What Does a Neurological Test Involve?, Albemarle, North Carolina

If your doctor suspects that you may have a particular condition, they’ll refer you to a specialist to perform a neurological test. For many, this is a frightening and vulnerable time. At the office of Dr. Ann R. Brewer dba Piedmont Neurology, in Albemarle, NC, she’ll ensure you feel comfortable with the experience, answering any questions you may have about the process.

What Is the Purpose of a Neurological Test?

The test is designed to provide the specialist with a general sense of your neurological health. The information they glean from an exam helps them get a sense of what condition you may be suffering from. 

What Does the Test Involve?

Neurological-Test-Albemarle-NCThe early stages of diagnosing neurological disorders usually don’t involve any uncomfortable or substantial treatment. In fact, many of the elements of a neurological test overlap with a routine physical. The neurologist may use hammers or mallets to test your reflexes. Depending on your needs, they might also ask questions to better understand your current state, as neurological disorders often impact the brain, resulting in a disruption of your mental faculties. The doctor will also ask you to perform some basic balance tests, like walking from one side of the room to the other, as they observe. 

It also involves testing major nerves in the brain associated with the senses. The doctor will perform a few basic tests to learn more about how strong your sense of smell, vision, and hearing are. There’s nothing you should do to prepare, aside from showing up on time and being prepared to discuss your symptoms.

If you think you need a neurological test, schedule an appointment at the office of Dr. Ann R. Brewer dba Piedmont Neurology. With over 25 years of diagnosing and treating experience, she has the knowledge and expertise to determine the cause of issues like chronic headaches and seizures. Call (704) 982-6833 today to discuss your issues, and possible testing and treatment options.

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