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Consider These 5 Bthroom Remodeling to Revamp Your Space September 12, 2017

Hilo, Hawaii
Consider These 5 Bthroom Remodeling to Revamp Your Space, Hilo, Hawaii

If your bathroom fixtures are worn down or the space looks outdated, renovations will breathe life into the area. By implementing a new design, you can maximize space, save money, and keep the room fresh and current. If it’s time for a makeover, these trendy bathroom remodeling ideas are a good place to start.

Free Standing Tub

A popular new feature for any bathroom is a free standing tub. The style ranges from classic claw-foot to smooth ceramic, and each offers a nice change of pace from the traditional bathtub. Talk to your contractor to find out if your current plumbing allows for one or if you need to install new water lines.

Sleek Cabinets

Say goodbye to bulky and bold fixtures. Sleek and subtle is in, and your bathroom cabinets are no exception. Whether they are modern or classic, installing minimalist new cabinetry can give the room a current look.

Creative Storage

Bathroom RemodelingIf your bathroom is on the smaller side, getting creative to maximize storage is a must. Even if space isn’t an issue, don’t miss a chance to make your bathroom more stylish with geometric cubbies, modular shelving, or slim towel racks made of bamboo or wood.

Wall-Mounted Sink Faucets

Another new space-saving feature of today’s trendy bathroom is a wall-mounted sink faucet. Not only do they look fashionable, but they keep your sink area cleaner. Plus, your plumbing contractor won’t have to make huge changes to your water lines to install this fun design element.

Instant Hot Water Heater

On the practical side, an idea that has become hugely popular in recent years is the instant water heater. Installing this energy- and time-saving appliance is a must for any bathroom remodeling project. You’ll love the convenience of hot water on demand, and your wallet will love the savings.


Whether you’re ready to apply these designs or you have something else in mind, trust Emery Plumbing to implement your ideas. As Hilo, HI’s premier plumbing contractor, they can not only help you with septic tank installations and water line repairs, but they are also experts in bathroom remodeling. To discuss your project today, call them at (808) 960-8828. Visit the company’s website to learn more about their expertise.
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