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CT Used Car Dealership: 5 Things to Teach Your Teen Driver August 31, 2017

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CT Used Car Dealership: 5 Things to Teach Your Teen Driver, Stamford, Connecticut

Parents of teen drivers are naturally concerned about their child's safety, but many don't know what to do about it other than to cross their fingers and hope for the best. Harbor View Auto Sales, the leading used car dealership in Stamford, CT, provides some tips for parents to help teenage drivers stay safe on the road. The first step is to ride with your child and correct any obvious errors. The next is to make sure your teen understands the following important rules.

5 Things Parents Should Require of Their Teen Drivers

1. Keep Your Eyes on the Road

Used car dealershipDistracted driving is extraordinarily dangerous. Make sure your teen agrees to wait until reaching a destination before answering texts or updating their social media posts. If they must talk on the phone, explain that a hands-free device is essential.

2. Wear Your Seat Belt

Seat belts save lives, but the myth still propagates that it could be safer to be "thrown clear" during an accident. This is nonsense. Parents should instill a healthy respect for seat belt use in their new driver.

3. Drive a Safe Vehicle

Many teens drive small, cheap, older vehicles, either because it's all they can afford or because their parents don't want to risk the family car. However, to keep your new driver safe, a better plan is to visit a reputable used car dealership and look for a large, sturdy vehicle with the latest safety features. Stability control and side airbags are often lifesavers.

4. Limit Passengers

Set rules about the number of passengers your teen can chauffeur. More friends in the car equals more distractions, and this increases the chances of something going wrong.                      

5. Beware of Weather

Teens often don't have the experience to know that their vehicle could suddenly lose traction when the streets are wet, icy, or covered in snow. Make sure they know to slow down and drive defensively when the weather becomes poor.

If you seek a safe, sturdy used car for your teen driver, Harbor View Auto Sales in Stamford has a wide selection at affordable prices. In addition to being a used car dealership, they also maintain a full-service auto repair shop and car rental service. Visit their website for directions and hours of operation, or call (203) 588-2307 to ask about the make and model you seek.

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