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3 Reasons to Consider Early Funeral Planning September 6, 2017

3 Reasons to Consider Early Funeral Planning, Wagoner, Oklahoma

Even when the circumstances lead you to expect it, planning a funeral is never easy. The logistics are as complex as any major event, and when compounded with the emotional demands, it’s even more difficult. To minimize the strain, Shipman Funeral Home & Crematory in Wagoner, OK, suggest early funeral planning.

According to the team, early funeral planning is beneficial for three key reasons:

  • Eases the Process for Your Family: Many funerals are arranged in an “At-Need” manner, which means most, if not all, decisions are made at the time of death. Loved ones must choose things like the casket, burial plot, and flowers for the service, while also trying to grieve. Early funeral planning can take their mind off these issues and give them more time and space to mourn.

  • Rfuneral planningeduces the Financial Burden: By planning your funeral ahead of time, you and your family can budget for costly factors so that no one is left with unexpected, overwhelming, or insurmountable fees.

  • Ensures Your Final Wishes Are Carried Out: If you’ve already thought about what you want on your epitaph or whether you’d prefer a cremation instead of a burial, early funeral planning ensures you will get what you want. Discuss your wishes with a trusted family member and put it down in writing.

For anyone in Eastern Oklahoma, Western Arkansas, or Northern Texas, Shipman Funeral Home & Crematory can help you with the funeral planning process. With decades of reputable and compassionate service, the family-owned funeral home will treat you and your family with the utmost respect and consideration. To learn more, visit their website or call them directly at (918) 485-­9525. If you’re closer to the Muskogee area, you can visit them at Muskogee Cremation Services. To reach them there, please call (918) 682-1700.

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