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How Often Should You Change the Coolant in Your Car Radiator? September 11, 2017

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How Often Should You Change the Coolant in Your Car Radiator?, Rochester, New York

Every car requires maintenance to ensure it lasts as long as possible and runs in top condition. Your car radiator is one aspect needs regular attention, as it works hard to keep the engine at a safe temperature. While your mechanic will top off the coolant during your oil changes, you will need to have the team at BJR Auto Radiator Service Corp in Rochester, NY, replace the fluid from time to time.

Why to Change It

car radiatorCar radiators use coolant to cool down air, which is then pushed through the engine to keep the overall temperature low even as it works hard. Coolant can get dirty or deteriorate over time, so it will not last the life of your vehicle. For example, antifreeze becomes acidic over time and can cause corrosion in the engine as it will no longer protect against rusting.

When to Change It

Most vehicle manuals recommend changing the coolant every 30,000 miles, but each car and type of coolant are different. Some manuals may suggest you change the coolant every 150,000 miles, while others won’t even provide a recommendation at all.

Some newer models say they come with a “lifetime” coolant that will last the length of the engine. You may have a longer interval between coolant changes, but never changing it is not recommended. Have it tested every 30,000 to 50,000 miles to check that it is still in good condition, and get it replaced if needed.

If your car is overdue for a coolant check or replacement, take it to the team at BJR Auto Radiator Service Corp. Contact them at (585) 436-6890 to talk about what your car needs and schedule a time to bring it in. Visit their website to learn more about their auto services.

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