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Demorest Electrician Shares 3 Tips For Protecting Outdoor Outlets August 29, 2017

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Demorest Electrician Shares 3 Tips For Protecting Outdoor Outlets, Demorest, Georgia

Outdoor outlets are exposed to the elements all day, every day, which makes them vulnerable to damage. That’s why proper protection is crucial. If the outlet short circuits, you won’t only have plugged-in devices to worry about. The damage also increases the risk of electrical fires, putting anyone nearby in harm’s way. Luckily, the staff at Midway Electric has a few simple tips to keep outlets safe and sound. Servicing northeast Georgia, the Demorest-based electrician is the leading source for high-quality electrical installation and repair solutions. Below, they share three protection tips for outdoor outlets.

3 Simple Ways to Protect Outdoor Outlets 

1. Install Protective Covers 

electricanMost outdoor outlets already come with covers. However, the flaps are only effective when you aren’t using generators, lawn gear, or additional plugged-in devices. Otherwise, the outlets are exposed to Georgia’s humidity and heavy rainfall. To keep liquid from seeping into outlets, regardless of whether they’re in use, install weather-proof covers. Once you choose a compatible outlet configuration, the tab should easily latch on to it.  

2. Choose the Correct Outlets

The type of outdoor outlets you use have a serious impact on efficiency and safety. If the fixtures were installed by the previous property owner, make sure they are ground fault circuit interrupter outlets. These are more weather-resistant than alternative options—so much so that the National Electrical Code requires their use for outdoor spaces.  

3. Make Sure Fixtures Are Installed Properly 

During installation, make sure your electrician uses gaskets, cover plates, and brackets specifically designed for the outlets. The equipment helps stabilize the fixtures, while protecting them from moisture and improving their safety. 

If you need to improve the safety and efficiency of the electrical system in your northeast Georgia property, leave the work to a professional, licensed electrician. Midway Electric’s capable, experienced electrical contractors will make sure the job is done correctly. To schedule a service appointment, call (706) 754-6218 today. Visit the company online for a detailed list of their available electrical services, and like them on Facebook for additional tips to keep your system safe.

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