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Anchorage Family Dentist Recommends 5 After-School Snacks to Improve Oral Health August 25, 2017

Anchorage, Anchorage, AK
Anchorage Family Dentist Recommends 5 After-School Snacks to Improve Oral Health, Anchorage, Alaska

Most children love sweet snacks, so their favorite after-school food is probably a sugary treat. However, those tasty snacks are frowned upon by your family dentist because they can be harmful to your child’s oral health. The team at Huffman Family Dentistry in Anchorage, AK, has the tools, experience, and dedication to give their patients the personalized care they deserve. Below, they share a few after-school snacks that are beneficial to your children’s oral care. 

5 Ideal Snacks for Healthy Teeth

family dentistCarrots

Carrots are a perfect healthy snack for children. Not only are they beneficial for their eyesight, but they are also good for teeth. The hard abrasion from biting into this vegetable acts as a type of natural toothbrush, helping scrub away plaque and cavity-causing bacteria.


Raisins naturally contain compounds, called phytochemicals, that fight bacteria in the mouth. In particular, raisins are excellent for reducing bacteria growth that can cause gingivitis and periodontal disease. Additionally, grapes also contain antioxidants and can help reduce systemic inflammation. Try serving raisins in your child’s granola, or offer a box of raisins to munch on before dinner.


Almonds are full of calcium, which is great for supporting your bones and teeth. They also don’t contain much sugar, which is a key quality to look for when considering your child’s oral health. It’s easy to eat almonds on their own as a quick snack, or toss a handful into a salad or rice dish for extra flavoring. 

Milk, Cheese, & Yogurt

Family dentists recommend dairy products for children because they provide an excellent calcium boost. Yogurt and cheese can also neutralize acidity to encourage a healthy pH balance in the mouth; in turn, this helps to prevent tooth erosion and cavities. 

Strawberries & Kiwis

If your child has a sweet tooth, encourage them to eat fruit instead of candy or desserts. Strawberries and kiwis are full of vitamin C, and they help promote a healthy smile by slowing the breakdown of collagen, a type of protein. Offer your child a glass of water after they’ve finished eating so they can rinse the acidic fruit juice from their mouth.

A tasty treat after a long day at school is enjoyable, and with the right snacks, you can support your child’s oral health, too. For more information about dental care or to schedule an appointment with a trusted family dentist, contact Huffman Family Dentistry. Call (907) 345-7722 to speak with a friendly staff member today. You can also visit their website for additional information about their available services, including cosmetic and general dentistry. 

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