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Why Auto Glass Should Be Repaired After a Chip or Crack September 5, 2017

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Why Auto Glass Should Be Repaired After a Chip or Crack, Polson, Montana

Auto glass can take quite the beating before showing signs of damage. But when a crack or chip does appear—whether it was caused by a pebble or a bird—the structural integrity of the surface is immediately compromised. Because of this, it’s important to have the damage fixed as soon as possible.

auto glassAuto glass serves as a protective layer between you and the outside of your vehicle, but it also plays an integral role in your car’s structural strength. Damage to a windshield can make accidents even more dangerous than they already are by decreasing the car’s ability to handle impacts and rollovers.

Less serious than accidents—but still damaging in its own right—is water. A chip or crack in your auto glass can slowly degrade its ability to wick away moisture and wear down the factory seal. When this happens, rain and humidity can leak into the interior of your vehicle, damaging fabrics and electronics and impairing your view.

Another reason to get cracked or chipped auto glass fixed as soon as possible is because the damage can escalate quickly. What starts as a tiny crack can spread the length of the windshield if not repaired immediately. Plus, relatively small impacts from potholes or uneven roads can exacerbate minor auto glass damage. Trying to drive while looking through a spider web of cracks is a hazardous situation, but one that can be avoided with prompt repairs.

It’s easy to put off fixing or replacing damaged auto glass—especially if the location of the crack or chip is inconspicuous. Ignoring the issue, however, will only lead to more serious and expensive repairs.


OHS’ Body Shop has been providing expert automotive repair services in the Flathead Valley for more than 40 years. From auto body repairs to glass repair and replacement, their talented crew takes pride in offering the best in service and customer experience. For more information, call (406) 752-8202 or visit the website today.

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