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4 Common Termite Questions to Help You Protect Your House September 8, 2017

North Hobbs, Lea
4 Common Termite Questions to Help You Protect Your House, North Hobbs, New Mexico

Termites love cellulose, or the fibrous, organic material in wood and plants. They digest the substance via bacteria, special enzymes, and protozoa in their guts and live in colonies made up of thousands of workers and their queens. Educating yourself about termite signs and habits is key in preventing these insects from destroying your home from the inside out.

4 Termite FAQs

1. How Quickly Do Termites Eat Wood?

The rate at which termites eat wood depends on several factors, such as the species, climate, location, number of insects in the colony, and food availability. Subterranean termites, for example, consume about 2 feet of wood per year if conditions are right and the insects have reached full maturity. Pest control experts say a colony of 60,000 insects can consume about 1 foot of a 2x4 beam in five months.

2. What Are the Most Common Infestation Signs?

termitesDead, winged members of the colony are often found around light fixtures, doors, windows, and vents and signal a pest issue. Other clear signs include hollow wood and mud tubes around baseboards, pipes, and chimneys. These tubes provide shelter and are also found under siding, beneath flooring, and around plumbing fixtures.

3. Where Do These Insects Enter My Home?

The wood-loving insects can enter spaces as small as 1/32nd of an inch. They typically access buildings through foundation cracks, expansion joints, and plumbing. Any wood structure in contact with the ground, such as a deck, provides a convenient access point. These pests are also attracted to moisture sources.

4. How Can I Prevent Infestations?

Preventing infestations following termite treatment requires keeping the moisture level in your home low with dehumidifiers and removing wood structures making contact with the soil. Firewood piles should also be kept away from your home, as should wood mulch.


Make your home unattractive to termites by working with the experts at Taylor’s Weed & Pest Control. The Hobbs, NM, business offers more than 40 years of combined experience and provides both residential and commercial services. Call (575) 492-9247 to schedule a consultation, or visit the website for additional service information.

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