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Why Regular Rotations Are One of the Most Important Tire Services for Drivers August 29, 2017

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Why Regular Rotations Are One of the Most Important Tire Services for Drivers, Rocky Ford, Colorado

Staying on top of recommended tire services is one of the best ways to preserve the life of your tires and maintain your vehicle’s performance. At the top of the list of tire services you should be mindful of is tire rotation. Tire rotations are recommended roughly every 6,000 to 8,000 miles. According to the auto repair professionals at Rocky Ford Discount Tire in Rocky Ford, CO, ignoring these service intervals can have a negative impact on your safety and vehicle handling.

Here are the top reasons why regular tire rotation is one of the most important tire services to stay on top of:

  • Helps Prevent Premature Wear: You probably know that tires gradually wear over time, but did you know that they wear differently depending on where they are mounted on your vehicle? Rotating your tires allows the rubber to wear evenly, so you can prevent premature loss of tread from ruining your wheels.
  • tire servicesAllows You to Save Money: New tires are an investment for every vehicle owner, but if you’re smart about maintaining your car, you can get more value from your purchase. Keeping up with your rotation service intervals can pay you back over time by extending the life of your tires. Additionally, many tire manufacturers will void their warranties if tire rotations aren’t observed, so it could cost you if one of your tires fails prematurely.
  • Helps Your Vehicle Respond to the Road Better: Your tires play an integral part in your vehicle’s handling. If your tires are worn and not rotated regularly, your vehicle could suffer by not being able to stop and turn as efficiently. Also, failing to observe regular rotations can lead to symptoms such as your steering pulling to one side and a bumpier ride.

Staying on top of your tire services doesn’t have to be a hassle. Ask your auto maintenance specialist to rotate your tires and perform an alignment during your oil changes to take care of your vehicle needs all at once. Call the professionals at Rocky Ford Discount Tire at (719) 254-3391, or visit them online for more information on their tire rotation service or to check out their prices on new and used tires.

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