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Preaching To Myself August 12, 2017

Cincinnati, OH,
Preaching To Myself, Cincinnati, Ohio

Truth be told, I have eaten like total crap the past week, I have been a little down in the dumps, only gotten in five workouts in two weeks and didn’t spend nearly enough time in scripture or anything devotionally to grow my prayer life.

This week I need to preach to myself a little and I thought someone else might need to hear this too, so here is my message to me!

My message to me is this:

I have three duties in life to be true to myself:

  1. To be an honorable Christian man
  2. To love and support my wife and daughters
  3. To lead by example and impact others to live physically healthier and happier lives.



For me there is ALWAYS one common denominator that makes me feel like I am excelling in these areas, and maybe it is true for you too…

I can only give my ABSOLUTE BEST to God, family and clients if I am doing one thing consistently...


If I went back over my year with a fine-toothed comb I would find that the times where I am fulfilling these promises is when I am:

  • Working out consistently (marked in my schedule)
  • Eating clean, whole foods (also pre-planned)
  • Getting restful sleep (as much as I can with these crazy babies)

Maybe this is true for you too? Or maybe you have never even thought of it this way?

If you go through times where you feel a void, I encourage you to make a list of the top three things crucial for making you happy in life, and let those be your motivating factors for taking extraordinary care of yourself, so you can take extraordinary care of others!

​Are you better mom, dad, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, grandmother or grandfather when you are taking care of yourself? 

Of course you are! Make your list, make (and keep) your commitments to yourself this week, and I know you will have just as great of a week as I am committed to having!


Talk soon.

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