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Veterinarians Share Advice for Preparing for Pet Surgery & Recovery September 1, 2017

Springfield, Hamilton
Veterinarians Share Advice for Preparing for Pet Surgery & Recovery, Springfield, Ohio

If your animal companion needs pet surgery, you’re probably wondering how to prepare for it. Regardless of the procedure, getting ready for the appointment and recovery period is vital to achieving the best experience possible. TLC Pet Care Centers in Cincinnati, OH, with locations on Montgomery Road and Hamilton Avenue, has a caring team of veterinarians who perform a variety of procedures, including spaying and neutering, and explain what to do before surgery to reduce stress and ensure a quick recovery.  

Preparing Your Animal for Pet Surgery 

As soon as your pet’s procedure is scheduled, check with your veterinarian to ensure your animal’s vaccinations and blood work are up to date. In some cases, rabies, distemper, parvo, or other vaccinations are necessary before your pet can spend time at an animal hospital. 

Next, talk with your veterinarian about your pet’s medications. Determine whether you should give them their medicine on the day of the procedure since some drugs can cause complications. Many animal care professionals also recommend bathing your animal before their pet surgery because you might be unable to wash them for at least a few days afterward. 

Getting Your Home Ready for Recovery

Clean your pet’s bed, blankets, and crate or cage before their treatment so they have a hygienic and comfortable place to rest when they return home. If the animal hospital recommends a special postoperative diet, purchase the food before you pick up your pet. Install barriers by your stairs and ensure doors are closed to keep your animal contained in a small area so there’s less risk of them damaging their stitches or suffering an injury. 

As you travel to the appointment for pet surgery, hold your emotions in check; your animal might sense your state and become anxious as well. If you have questions about the procedure, discuss them with your veterinary team. 

By following these tips, you can prepare yourself and your four-legged companion for successful pet surgery and a speedy recovery. If you’re seeking a trusted local veterinarian to take care of your animals, turn to TLC Pet Care Centers in Cincinnati, OH. To schedule an appointment, call their Montgomery Road location at (513) 683-2300 or their Hamilton Avenue location at (513) 825-4011. Visit their website for more information about their state-of-the-art hospital and pet wellness team. 

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