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5 Hairstyle Trends for the School Year Ahead August 30, 2017

Ralston Valley, Northeast Jefferson
5 Hairstyle Trends for the School Year Ahead, Northeast Jefferson, Colorado

Getting ready for the coming school year involves more than just buying supplies and checking which friends are in your classes. It’s also the perfect time to rock a new look! Nix the split ends that come from a summer of sun and pool water and debut a fresh hairstyle when classes start. If you’re having a hard time deciding, consider these five spot-on trends for autumn.

5 Hairstyles for Fall 2017

1. Side-Swept Bangs

Autumn styles for 2017 are looking back to the ‘90s—and that includes hairdos. Side-swept bangs are back! Pair them with long layers to add volume and frame your face. These casual bangs also suit longer men’s haircuts.

2. Braided & Twisted Up-Dos

For after-school sports, ditch traditional ponytails and keep your hair in order with twisted up-dos. You can also pin up small- to medium-sized braids to keep flyaways at bay.

3. Buzzed & Blonde

From Katy Perry to Kristen Stewart, A-listers are all over this hair trend. A bleached buzz-cut is effortlessly cool and requires almost no styling—which allows you to get some extra sleep before school. Best of all, this look works for both boys and girls.

4. Angled Bobs

hairstyleThe “lob” is out—the angled bob is in. This look is cut shorter in the back than in the front. You’ve probably seen it on glam stars like Keira Knightley and Chloë Grace Moretz.

5. Crazy Colors

One look at your Instagram feed will confirm, trendsetters can’t get enough of creatively colored hair. From peachy pastels to “undercover unicorn” looks that hide rainbow hues under brown or blonde hair—these looks will definitely turn heads at school. Just make sure to see a professional for any major dye jobs, or you risk damaging your precious locks.


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