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What Makes Concrete a Sustainable Building Material? August 30, 2017

South Salt Creek, Lincoln
What Makes Concrete a Sustainable Building Material?, Lincoln, Nebraska

From home foundations to driveways and exterior decoration, concrete is among the most common and versatile building materials. It’s strong enough to keep houses grounded and durable enough to withstand rain, snow, and heavy use from vehicles. And it’s good for the planet, too! Here’s what makes concrete a sustainable material.


As opposed to wood and stone, concrete can be made with a range of materials that are byproducts of power and manufacturing plants, thus reducing pressure on landfills. Additionally, concrete lasts for decades, and when it reaches the end of its usability, it’s designed to minimize waste. It can be crushed and reused as aggregate material that is locally produced and creates no toxic runoff.


concreteConcrete absorbs heat better than many other materials, which is a big deal for homeowners who want to slash their heating and cooling bills. Rather than allowing warm or cool air to push into your home, concrete’s mass retains it. As a result, the material essentially serves as an extra layer of insulation and cuts down HVAC costs in both the winter and summer.


If you picture concrete, you might think of dull, gray cement. In reality, concrete can take many forms! Why is this a big deal for sustainability? Think of the traits outlined above — if concrete is used in a range of applications, its environmental benefits extend. Indoors and out, stained concrete can create picture-perfect flooring that lasts far longer than other building materials. Industrial-grade concrete can form the foundations of durable structures that resist rotting, burning, and rusting.


For all of your concrete needs, trust Stephens & Smith Construction Co. Based in Lincoln, NE, the team has provided a range of concrete services for over four decades, including foundations, flatwork, and floor coatings. In addition, they’re part of numerous reputable associations at both the state and national level, including the American Society of Concrete Contractors and the Home Builders Association of Lincoln. To request an estimate, contact them today by visiting their website or calling (402) 475-8087.

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